Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creative Project #8 for February......finishing up orders!!!

Today was not so much a *fun* day of trying out new patterns, but trying to finish up some orders I had from the show.  Don't worry, I still have fun creating!
I spent the morning doing some research on Precious Metal Clay after being inspired last night when I came across this fun blog by Catherine Witherell.  Catherine does some amazing PMC jewelry and yesterday she blogged about a Beaducation class which she had taken.  I have *watched* this class but have never completed anything successful.
Now that I am inspired again, I want to give PMC another try sometime soon.
My Create! project for day 8 consisted of completing some journal covers I had orders for.
I still have some bindings to work on tonight!
I love this new design!  A friend asked me to do this one and gave me the design idea.
That little frazzled chick just isnt taking it anymore! 
See you tomorrow :)


Nancy said...

These are sooo cheerful! Great job.

Talin's Corner said...

Love your journal covers.


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