Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Silver, Butterflies and Flowers for Christmas.

SO......one of my New Year's resolutions is to post more to my blog.....really!!!
As usual, over the last month or so I have kept really busy.  One thing I have been doing is learning about metalsmithing, bezelling and jewelry.  Here is a picture of my second piece.  I am practising combining the silver with my flameworking to create some usual jewelry pieces in 2010.

I thought I would post my latest creation that a customer ordered as a Christmas gift for her niece.  I can only show a small part of it since it is a gift for Christmas and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Above is the palette of fabrics that I used , and below is the thread palette.
And here is a picture of a little piece of the quilt to let you see what it is all about.
The quilt has a light pink, pieced background with butterflies, ladybugs and fun flowers appliqued on.
I really hope they like it as much as I do!  I love it when my drawing and the final quilt turn out like the picture in my head.
Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art Shows and Life Lately

WOW! It has been waaaaaay too long since I posted on my blog, but as the photo about shows, I was busy, busy, busy getting ready for an art show.  It was Bahamas National Trust's Wine and Art Show, in Nassau.  I took framed art quilts, fabric collages and mixed media collages.  I was happy with my sales at the show and it was a great opportunity to meet new artists, make some new friends, catch up with friends I hadnt seen in a long time, and pick up some new stores to sell to.

Then when I returned back home I had a pumpkin carving party :)  I have never seen "grown-ups" have so much fun.  As a child I didnt enjoy halloween that much, but as an adult I enjoy it more and more every year.  The photo about shows all the pumpkins that were carved, and their proud artist sitting underneath them.  Not everyone carved a pumpkin, but had fun anyway.
So now I am getting back to life as "normal", getting ready for Christmas (my favourite time of year), filling orders and finishing up some new ideas that I will be posting soon ( I hope).

Monday, October 5, 2009

a day of cutting, stitching and a new style

My thread box and drawer of scraps became a mess quickly.
Below is one in a series of framed quilts, Bahamian Architecture, that I have been working on, but today i felt like trying something fun and whimsical....not so traditional..........

There is still ALOT of stitching left to do on the pieces that I started today, but all the pieces are cut and fused on.  This is a scene that happens in my house all the time....no space left on the couch!  It is hard to tell in these pictures but they are dogs on the couch that still need alot of detail added to them.  I have several sketches done of quilt ideas with potcakes (a Bahamian mutt) so today I feel like I was off to a good start on this new series.

I will post pictures of this quilt when it is done, and framed.
Back to stitching for me!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

....even my studio is a work in progress.....

I am a bit late in posting pictures of my studio, but the small town where we live, in Abaco, Bahamas, the hardware stores (and many other stores) close at noon on Saturday. So my husband and I spent our morning searching for items for the many do-it-yourself projects we have going on.......my studio is one of them........

On the table in the middle I do everything from sewing to quilting to painting fabric to flameworking. And of course, Tesi the cat, has to inspect everything I am doing. Cat hair is just like batting right? She was very intrigued by all the pictures i was taking and managed to get in as many as possible.

Over to the side is an antique dresser where I store supplies for jewelry and some favorite vintage fabrics that are extra special. Next to this dresser is my grandmothers rocking chair .

In this corner is a neat little window seat where i can look out at the birds and browse thru some of my favourite books. On the wall on the right i hope to one day put shelves, for more storage, and a cork board with loads of inspiring pictures. The picture on the easel is a mixed media self portrait i did several years ago.

On the shelves on the back wall are my collection of Blythe dolls and a collection of vintage mason jars with different ribbons and trims in them. There is a website called http://www.ribbonjar.com/ that used to mail out a jar every month filled with ribbons and trims that all followed a certain theme. They haven't done this in a while and i really miss it!

Another shot of my messy work table from the sewing side with an art quilt, in progress, at my Bernina. The wall behind the table has two closets for losts of storage.

Down a flight of stairs from that workroom is my quilting room where 'daisy" lives....my long arm quilting machine.....everyone names their long arm machines don't they? Also, down here are many bolts of fabric, batting, and quilts waiting to be quilted. Tesi, deserved one last shot since she can be quite the muse....actually she probably considers herself more of an instructor :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Open Studios Tour by Cloth Paper Scissors

Check back in a few days to view photos of my studio. Keep in mind it is a work in progress (my studio) and truly is a working studio since i am getting ready for 2 upcoming shows!!!!! Also, check out the Cloth Paper Scissors website to view the studios of other mixed media artists......they may inspire you! You may even want to purchase the newest issue of Studios Magazine.

Studios, Fall 2009 - Interweave

Studios, Fall 2009 - Interweave

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Island Scene Collection of Items

last week i was busy finishing this group of items which all have the same pattern on them, that i call "island scene". these items will be at the Bahamas National Trust's Gala Ball in October for their silent auction.
i have been neglecting my blog the last week......been really busy but not sure with what!!!!
the last couple of days i have been breaking up some bottles for my latest experiment......i will post pictures later.
rushing off now to meet with my crochet girls :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally Finished!!

over the weekend i was busy working on the mermaid that i had posted earlier last week. she is finally done.....a mixed media mermaid. i find it very challenging to STOP working on mixed media pieces because i keep wanting to add "stuff". but i had an order calling my name that is going to be picked up this week so i had to get her done and move on.

so for the rest of the week i am busy with an order from Bahamas National Trust for their Gala Ball. they ordered 2 pillows, a lazy susan and 2 signs....all with matching themes for their silent auction. i will post pictures in a few days.

Friday, September 4, 2009

other stuff i'd like to call a hobby

i have been trying and trying to crochet for 20-some years.......it finally clicked....YAY!!!! but i am addicted to granny squares, so i have made various patterns but was very addicted when i found this hexagon pattern on Attic24's blog. i say i'd like to call this a hobby because i wont be selling my crochet.......it takes too long, i love it too much .......so its mine....all mine!!!! this piece started out as a table runner, but i love making these hexes so much that i am going to make an afghan size.

cuz i love mermaids

today i have been working away at a mixed media piece. the mermaid's body is a fish, which is like a quilt, pieced, layered with batting and will be quilted. her head is clay and when it is dry i will paint on the details. she will be mounted onto a painted piece of wood.......and hopefully be finished on the weekend :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Just starting out trying to create this blog. Have lots of goodies to post about upcoming shows, new work and new ideas.


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