Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Island Scene Collection of Items

last week i was busy finishing this group of items which all have the same pattern on them, that i call "island scene". these items will be at the Bahamas National Trust's Gala Ball in October for their silent auction.
i have been neglecting my blog the last week......been really busy but not sure with what!!!!
the last couple of days i have been breaking up some bottles for my latest experiment......i will post pictures later.
rushing off now to meet with my crochet girls :)


Kim said...

This set is awesome! Hope you will continue creating sets like this! Whoever gets it is very lucky!

AmyandAustin said...

Latest experiment.....hmmmm....? Let me know if you need more bottles!

sandyfeet said...

As always, your creations are amazing. Keep it up and if you need any more bottles to keep those creative juices flowing, let me know. But the real question is when are you going to bring me some of your treasures to sell????


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