Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Design Obsession......

Whenever I have a show ahead of me and orders coming out of my ears, my imagination is running wild with new ideas.  In my last post I showed you the pillow that I did for a Flickr swap I was in called {Pillow Talk}.  
"home sweet home"
I have had a collection of vintage fabrics and laces for quite some time now and could never figure out what to do with them.  After that pillow for the swap I am on a roll!
I incorporated the lace into this one.  I also have another one that is waiting to be quilted, in blues and greens which I will be keeping for myself!  I am calling this one "this old house".
I even did piping and a zipper on this one!!! SO PROUD of myself, under the instruction of my Mom who is a master sewer, although she wont admit it!  The below picture shows the piping and the zipper together....quite an accomplishment for me!  I always tell people I cant sew straight lines!
It probably is a strange color selection, but I pulled the vintage fabrics first for the house and then added the solids to compliment.   One of these house must have an owl in the yard at some point also!
I also have a wall hanging started with this same concept, and I have jewelry pieces in the works with a house theme.   It is a real sweat shop in this house right now and I love it!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

I have spent the last few days finishing some swap projects and trying to get ready for an art show in two weeks!  The first swap quilt I can only show you sneak peeks of since I am not sure if my partner reads my blog, and in this swap we know each other.
This was a swap for a BBQ/Picnic Mini Quilt.
If you are friends with me on facebook, then you saw this quilt yesterday.
Some of my favorite things are in this mini quilt!
Can you guess what they are?
This is being shipped from Florida tomorrow, so when my partner receives it I can post the picture of the entire quilt.
I also had a deadline for a pillow swap.  I am pretty sure my partner does not read my blog, but she doesn't know who her partner is anyway, so I can show you the entire pillow.
One of her preferences was blues and greens.  I had so much fun making this pillow and had a hard time actually *stopping*!  The fabrics that make up the house in the middle are vintage fabrics.
I embroidered "home sweet home" under the house and added two little blue birds.
I also quilted the grass at the bottom and wanted to add flowers, but wasn't sure how much of a flower fan my partner was so thought I should STOP!
If I ever get the time to make myself one (she says while daydreaming!) then i will add flowers to the bottom!
And and green AGAIN!!!  Just cant get away from it!
Well, back to working on orders and trying to get some stock for that art show!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bead Soup Party Reveal

Today is the day for the reveal of my Bead Soup Party necklace!
Be sure and go over to Lori's blog and check out all the jewelry artist's blogs.  There are so many participating in this party that the party hop will go on for a week!  Everyday a new set of artists will reveal their creations.
You can also go the the Flickr page where most participants will be posting pictures also.
My partner for the Bead Soup Party was Janet from Singing Woods Blog.  Go check out her blog.  She sent me a selection of beads from the wonderful ceramic artist Gaia.
This is what I got in the mail from Janet, in case you forgot or missed that post......

Here is what i created with the bead soup I received......
The chain to the left of the pendant is made by me out of copper and sterling silver wire, soldered together for links.
I did ribbon at the back of the necklace.  I have done this on a few necklaces lately and found it to be very comfortable, and I thought that ribbon was perfect for the focal.
I had a few beads left over to make some matching earrings also.
Hope you like what I made Janet!
Don't forget to check out everyone's blog and see all the wonderful creations!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Mail!!!

Today the mail goodness continued!!!  I received my pillow swap package in the mail! 
I cannot believe how well my partner figured me out!  
Not sure if you can see it too well in this photo, but those four flowers in the middle are crocheted, and the back is totally crocheted!
And the color combination is perfect.  Above I photographed the pillow on my window seat in my studio.  Below it is on my deck (but i would NEVER leave this outside)
And here it is on my couch......
Where, oh where shall I display it?  I will probably keep it on my window seat, in my studio, and put it on my couch when guests come over.  I love this pillow so much!
I am trying to finish up my pillow for my partner so I can mail it out on Monday.
I also received four more blocks for my 3.5 inch block swap......
There is a picnic quilt, a watermelon, utensils and a pitcher of lemonade.  The lemonade block was complete with a lemonade recipe!
Here are the blocks I have so far together.  I have 8 more to receive.
These blocks are going to make a really cute quilt!
My pictures today are a bit dull because it was stormy and overcast when I took them, but couldn't wait to show you!
Don't forget this Saturday is the start of the Bead Soup Party reveal!! There are so many jewelry artists participating this round that the group has been split up to show off their creations.  My day is this Saturday.  Come back on Saturday to see my reveal and hop around other jewelry blogs to see what others have created.
See you on Saturday!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stepping Out of My Color Comfort Zone

Not sure how many of you have noticed, but every piece of jewelry I have created this month has been in blues and greens (maybe with a hint of purple).  So last weekend I had a gift to make and decided to throw in some RED!  This friend has adopted a potcake, and for those of you that don't know......potcakes are the Bahamian mutt.  Like this one here......
That is my potcake Trixi.  Potcakes are smart dogs who are always willing to please.
Here is the necklace I made as a gift.  "Potcake Love"
I am having a great time with the book "Totally Twisted" by Kerry Bogart.  Every jewelry artists need to take a look at this book.  Great techniques and even some tips on color.
This necklace is made up of sterling silver and copper components, as well as copper colored wire (that is non tarnish) and my own flame worked beads.
As I was looking back over my photographs of the jewelry I had made this month, I could not believe that EVERYTHING was blue and green, or some shade close.  So for this necklace I threw in some red to push myself outside of that color comfort zone.
I also have components pulled for two more necklaces.  One color combo is pink and green and the other is red, orange and pink.
Hopefully I will finish those in the next few days, and be back to share those finished pieces with you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Final Three Packages

So sorry I didn't post yesterday, but we are having horrible power outages here.  Even though we have a generator to run the house, the internet company does not have a generator at their plant so when the power goes out I have no internet.  I spent the day making jewelry and hanging out by the pool........aaahhhh so relaxing!
Here is another package I received in the mail on Friday......
This package came from Calamity Kim and it was for the placemat swap.  Kim and I decided to do two placemats for each other, and she also sent me some tea that is just divine, a bagel spreader with a hummingbird handle, and sweet little handmade card and a Mary Jane's Farm magazine.  I LOVE this magazine.  One of the articles in this magazine is one getting your first goat.....perfect!!!  I am still working on getting my chickens, but the goat is on the list also!
Here is a close-up of the placemats......
Bright and pretty batiks with a tropical applique.  They will be perfect for out in the cabana......
Thanks so much for the great package Kim!  Go and check out Kim's blog.  She does some awesome work and works in more mediums than I do....if you can believe that!
I also got in the mail a 3.5" block for one of the flickr groups I am in with the BBQ/Picnic theme, from Ruthiequilts.
How cool is this block?  And the detail with the embroidered mustard and ketchup!  Awesome Ruthie!  I sent out my sunshine blocks last week, and they should be getting to my partners this week.  This will be a fun collection of blocks when I get them all.
My final package was a African Flower crochet square.
This is a Raverly group I am in where I send out these blocks and receive them from others.  Only thing is this one came with no name on the envelope, so I need to do some searching to figure out who it came from to thank them!
Hope these posts have inspired some of you to join some swaps!
Have a great week!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

and Christmas in June continues.......

Today I am here to show you two more of my swap presents.
This one came is this beautiful box.....
and inside of this box was this.......
Look at all that yummy goodness!!!!!  This package was from the Potholder Pass on Flickr, and my secret partner was Michele.  Check out her blog here.
Michele is from Canada and along with those beautiful potholders......
(above is the front and below is the back, or vice versa! - both sides are so amazing!)
I also got this bag with cute little crocheted flowers on it!
There were also 3 fat quarters very nicely labeled, a bundle of ric rac, and a handmade card.  She was right on track with the bright colors, and one of my favorite blocks is the snail's trail, which is on one side of the potholders.   AND...crocheted flowers......eeeekkkkk!!
Michele sure knows how to put a package together!!  Thanks so much!!!
Another swap package I received yesterday was from a different potholder swap (yes there is a little bit of an addiction here), and this one came from Gerry.  This potholder swap was also a flickr swap called 2010 Great Potholder Swap.  If you click on the links you can see lots of great work.  In this swap we knew our partners and could communicate and share likes/dislikes etc.....
Go and check out Gerry's blog as well, right here.
Here is the package from this swap......
Is it obvious that I like color - or what?!?!  This wonderful package had two potholders with houses and cats on BOTH sides, two very well made bags (who mentioned I have a bag fetish?), and funky card with parrots, and a notebook.   Take a look at both sides of these potholders.....
and then the other side is equally as cute and pretty.....
can you find the kitties on all four sides?  they are there on all sides.....adorable!!!!
Here is a close up of one of Gerry's bags.

Both were embroidered with her business name, and both have breathable mesh fabric.  I think these bags will be perfect for boating and beaching!  Thanks so much Gerry!
I am still in awe at how unbelievably lucky with swap partners I have been!  What I am wondering is .......what am I going to do with these potholders that are too beautiful to be used?......... because I am one messy cook!!  Anyone got any ideas on how I can display them in my kitchen?
The third and final post will be tomorrow with the last 3 packages.
Hope you are having a great Saturday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Is It Christmas Today????

It sure felt like Christmas in June today!!! I received SEVEN swap packages in the mail!!!  I am not sure I get that many presents at Christmas anymore!
At first I thought I would do one looooonnngggg post with lots of pictures with all the packages, but then thought that each artist deserved more blog time than that.  So I sat down, wrote their names on paper and pulled to see who the first two would be.
The weather has been typical summer weather here with afternoon thunderstorms.......
This is what it was like when i got home.  I dropped my groceries on the kitchen counter, without putting away my soy milk and salad greens, and raced outside to get some photos so I could start blogging.
The first name I pulled was Amy from During Quiet Time Blog, and one of my very generous Flickr friends.  She won a giveaway on my blog, for my 50th post, and this is what she sent me as a "thank you"!!!!
I cannot believe her generosity and kindness!!! And to top it all off...i LOVE this quilt!!  Amy cuts her own printing blocks, so the center square with the sunflower is one of her originals!!  Check out her etsy shop here, and look at her beautiful note cards made from her hand carved blocks.
This little beauty even has a handmade felt bee with embroidery and iridescent wings, and embroidery around the center of the flower.  Thanks so much for the "thank you" Amy.....even though you did not have to!
The quilt was even doggie approved!! I cant do much without their "help", but don't worry this quilt is now safe and sound in my studio where only the cats are allowed if I am there.  There is a secret password to get in!!!
The second name I drew was Mandy.  She and I were Black and White plus one color, not square mini quilt partners!!  Say that 5 times, really quickly!  This is the beauty that I got from Mandy....
I cannot get over the hand quilting and beading that is on this gem!
And as if that was not enough......she sent many goodies along with that quilt!
A little bag, scissor bling (i love that), black and white fabrics, pink ric rac, and heart eraser and an Australian magnet!  Mandy is from Australia!
This just made me giggle......
The tag on the bag says "kimmidoll" appropriate is that, since I collect Blythes!!
Well, for any of you that have not tried a swap yet, I hope this post and the posts over the next few days will inspire you to start swapping.  I have met some very kind and generous people thru my flickr swaps, and it has proven to me that what you put out, you get back!.....remember that :)
See you tomorrow to show you more swap packages!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You could win a class & help me look for some patterns!

A fellow blogger and artist is having a giveaway on her blog for an online class, so I thought I would let you know about it!  It is Melanie Testa, the author of "Inspired to Quilt".
She is having an online class over at in less than 2 weeks, and if you go to her blog and leave a comment then you may be a lucky winner!
The class is called "Let's Exchange Some Art", and will dive into techniques on decorating papers for ATC's, decorating envelopes and lots of other techniques.  Go to and check out the class description and all the other online classes they offer.
Here are some pictures so you can see what to expect.....
Cool tags.......

Today I am madly rushing around, packing up envelopes to be shipped out, and trying to finish more work to send off to waiting swappers and customers.  Below are blocks for a 3.5 inch block swap I am in on flickr.  There are 15 of us in the group and each of us had to make a 3.5 inch block (for each person in the group) with a BBQ or Picnic theme.
What is a picnic without sunshine?
Glad I have these little sunny faces to look at today, because the sun is struggling to come out here.  Some of the other members have done cool  blocks like a hot dog, lemonade, and even a dog catching a Frisbee over a checkered picnic blanket.  Don't worry when I receive my blocks you will see them here!
So while I was wondering what I would do with these blocks, one morning at 5am, I remembered some block patterns I had purchased in 1999!
They are Piece O Cake patterns called Pin Pals.  Unfortunately this is all I bought.....
Does anyone have any of these?  Maybe you know where I could find more?  HELP!
Let me know please......
Back to packing envelopes and sewing! Have a great day!


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