Friday, February 26, 2010

An Owl of a Journal

I told you a few posts back how I have been sooooo inspired by birds and I thought it was time to let you see a project.
This is a journal cover I started a few weeks ago.
Had it all fused and ready to quilt and then lost my inspiration for that particular project, but found it today and got it all quilted.
The above picture is the back......sometimes I love the back more than the front.  It looks like a doodle.  Actually this will be the inside of the journal, not the back.
Took a picture to remember it since, when I put the sleeves in it, to hold the book in place, this doodle will be covered.

Here it is over the cover of the journal.  The book I am using for a journal is actually a very nice datebook that was given to me by my insurance company.
Since I already had a cool Kelly Rae Roberts datebook, and I couldn't stand to throw away a book full of paper, I decided to make a journal or a notebook out of it.
Tonight or tomorrow I will add the sleeves to hold the book inside and the binding.  I will post a picture to show it to you as well as some photos of some more things birdy :)
I would like to stitch a catchy, maybe even corny, "owl" saying onto the front of this also.....anyone got any ideas?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy as a Bee

Just a quick post today to let you know what I have been up to. Spent most of the last week quilting quilts!
My Mom and I make quilts (she usually does the piecing and I do the quilting) to donate to different local fundraisers.
This one is the last one that I quilted.  This quilt will be auctioned in Cherokee this weekend for a local gentleman's medical expenses.
I haven't been very good at taking pictures of the quilts before they leave and have to get better at that.
Yesterday the weather here was rainy and dreary so I had to fold the quilt over a rocking chair in my studio and take a picture of it.  Maybe later today I will get a better picture.....outside where it is sunny and warm for a change.  My thermometer is reading 82 F right now and hasn't seen that temperature in a few weeks!
Bye for now....back to quilting :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day and Birds

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
The photo above shows a heart I crocheted today after seeing it on the Attic24 blog.  The pattern is actually here.  Lucy, from Attic24, was kind enough to send me the link for the blog the pattern was on.
All the crocheting I have done so far (successfully) has been granny squares.  I started to think I could only crochet in a circle, but I am quite proud of this creation!  I made a few mistakes, but also learned how to increase and decrease!
If it weren't for the Attic24 blog I don't think I would be crocheting today.  Her colors and her patterns are so inspiring that I had to conquer crochet.
I am not sure why but ever since last fall I have had this obsession with birds. Not that I want to own any  live ones, but just birdy things.  Just before Christmas Attic24 posted a pattern for this bird, and I just had to make a bunch! You can find the pattern for this cutsy bird here.
So I have been a busy bird making birdie things.....quilts, pillows, jewelry, ceramics......and will post different items in upcoming blog posts.  I was also quite pleased with my new "obsession" when I opened my new Pottery Barn catalog and saw that birds are the "in" thing.  There were pillows, decorations etc...
Here is a quilt I had at the Art for the Parks Show, called "the early birds".
Good-bye for now.  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day :)


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