Friday, September 4, 2009

other stuff i'd like to call a hobby

i have been trying and trying to crochet for 20-some finally clicked....YAY!!!! but i am addicted to granny squares, so i have made various patterns but was very addicted when i found this hexagon pattern on Attic24's blog. i say i'd like to call this a hobby because i wont be selling my takes too long, i love it too much its mine....all mine!!!! this piece started out as a table runner, but i love making these hexes so much that i am going to make an afghan size.


Kimberly Muirhead said...

This is so beautiful!

Andrew Thornton said...

So bright and colorful! Reminds me of a piece that my grandma made me as a child. It was my favorite! I must have worn it out, because it's impossible for me to find now.

BahamaDawn said...

thank you so much :)


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