Friday, February 18, 2011

Creative Project #18 ~ from the kitchen to the sewing room

Today has been a crazy-busy day.  I started out baking some banana bread for a Humane Society Fundraiser.
While that baked I worked on some more asterisk blocks.  An idea for a set of placemats popped into my head with the asterisk flowers all over them, i made some smaller blocks, but i need to figure out some other design elements of the placemats so that is on the design board for now.  
Problem was I was antsy to finish making *SOMETHING* with one of these blocks that I am so addicted to making.  This little bag was born......
It is the perfect fit for my iphone and ipod.
The back is made up of scrappy greens.
These will be a new item at my next show and will be perfect embellished with my ceramic or glass buttons.
While I was finishing up this little bag I had a loaf of whole wheat bread in the oven.
My oven has been on over time today, because as I type this post I have these (vegan) stuffed cabbage rolls in the oven!
It has been a hectic week and tomorrow will be a hectic day.  I head over to Man-O-War to help with out my Humane Society's table at the flea market.  I hope to find some new plates to add to my collection!
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Woman, did I tell you I was coming to dinner and to play!!!

Amy said...

Yikes, busy, busy, busy! I love the flower pouch. It's super cute!

YorkAvenueStudio said...

Gorgeous food!

Deb said...

The banana cake looks fantastic! Good luck with the fair today.

Deb (Green Shoot)

somethingunique said...

Hey Deb how sweet of you to help out all the little & big furry friends they need us all. Here is a link if u get a chance to check it out about the adventure i have with a little fur friend this week unfortuanly we still have not gotten him back :( i am offering a $500 reward to get Chachi home..

Janet said...

Nice things and those cabbage rolls are to doe for lol!


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