Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative Project #24 ~ paint, paint, paint!

I almost missed my post today!!!  WOW!  Couldn't let that happen since I am on such a roll!
Thursdays are usually such a busy day for me anyway, and today was even crazier with Saturday's market coming up.
Thursdays are my day to grocery shop, have lunch with friends, run errands in town, do banking, dog agility class........
On top of all of that I baked vegan cheesecakes to sell on Saturday, made tons of hummus, and painted ceramic beads.
These babies need to go in the kiln first thing in the morning, right after my run!
Here are some of them drying....
Tomorrow I will need to get all my show goodies together and in one place, like floats, bags, display stands......just so Saturday morning there are no early morning meltdowns.
Good Night!


Janet said...

This is so fantastic! I didnt know you had a ceramic kiln. You do?! But you havent made anything bf now? I need to know lol.

somethingunique said...

Kim are u sure your not twins lol how do u find time to do all you do!! Just like the energizer bunny i guess hee! hee!

Linda said...

OMG! I just love those quilts that are in your banner!! Looks like fun painting those beads :)


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