Friday, February 25, 2011

Creative Project #25 ~ da market!

As I told you yesterday, today was a day of tying up lose ends.  Gathering show supplies, packaging items, and doing all those last minute things.  I feel like I am prepared and that scares me so far in advance.....I NEVER feel this way the night before any type of show.
My friend, Amy, and I will have some vegan yummies for sale tomorrow in our tent along with our humane society shirts and bags, and I will have a small selection of my handmade things.
After I got the kiln running this morning, I started making labels for my vegan food.
"H" for Hummus!
Tags for *cheese*cakes...vegan of course :)
Yummies labeled and tied.  
Amy will have *N*ice Cream ~ homemade vegan ice cream which is delicious.
I also managed to get some more bags sewn.  These bags are really trying my patience.  The slippery material has a mind of its own under the presser foot!
I really like the shape and size of the dog food bags!  I'd wear the short, wide one on the left as a purse.....but that is artsy, fartsy me :)
Now if that kiln would hurry up and cool down I would really be ready!
Hope all of you close by will be at Da Market in the morning....9am til 1pm.
Have a great weekend!


somethingunique said...

idk bout u but i can never sleep the night b4 a show for some reason i feel xtra creative, some of my best designs come from pulling an all nighter! good luck with everything Kim

Talin's Corner said...

I love the way your tags turned out. Your dog food bags look great too. I would never have imagined them turning out as nice as they did. You have foresight (or an artist's eyes).


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