Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creative Project #10 for February......earrings and a few new things!!!

Yesterday I posted a pair of earrings that I said *might* be the giveaway for Saturday's 100th post, but they were snatched up.  So I am not sure what will be my giveaway....maybe something you have seen, maybe something I haven't blogged about yet.  Surprises are good :)
I spent the morning making more beads and letting them anneal while I ran some errands.
Some I am saving for a necklace, but I used one pair for earrings.
The same but different from yesterday :)
I also got some new tools in the mail today and spent some time making a glass button and practicing a flower shaped bead.
Here is my glass button still on the mandrel.   I only made one mistake.....I only ordered one mandrel, so I can only make one button at a time!
Here is my first try at a flower bead.  I thought it was okay for a first try.
The shape is somewhat close.  Just got to work on getting the petals even.....making that liquid glass *SIT & STAY*!
Here they both are off the mandrels.
I am looking forward to playing with both of these new techniques!
See you tomorrow :)

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Amy said...

Oh boy, making buttons sounds like a lot of fun!!!


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