Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Creative Project #15 ~ Eat Your Veggies

 Today started out as a hectic day, taking one dog and one cat to the vet, and ended with dog agility class.  So my creative time was limited.  The dog if fine....the kitty has a grade 3 heart murmur :(
I managed to squeeze in some sewing machine time, and finished this placemat which was the idea of my cousin, Tara, for her husband.
It also included a cow with a special message......
Tara loved it.....
I tried to make it as masculine as I possibly could.
See you tomorrow with Creative Project #16!


Kat W said...

Wow - that placemat is amazing - wonderful detail, texture & colour.

I just saw your comment on the Creative Everyday blog & wanted to say hi & welcome to the challenge! Last year it proved invaluable to me and this year I continue to gain inspiration & support from all the amazing participants & Leah herself. Hope you enjoy as much as I have.

Kat :-)

Janet said...

Did you say that carrot placemat was traveling to Houston? lol jk.
Oh a heart murmur awww I hope your kitty will be ok! You are quite creative these days! Really nice Kimberly ox
PS Go to my Blog and see my bead table for Bead Table Wednesdays! (leave me a comment too or else lol)


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