Wednesday, January 26, 2011

something for me :)

The other night when I took my journal covers over to my mom to ask her advice on pricing, my husband looked at one with a bird on it (i think it was in the last post) and said that the bird needed a sign that said, "eat more veggies".
That night when i went to bed a design popped into my head, and i sat up and sketched it out right then!
Here is the front:
This one is mine for sure!
The back:
The entire cover opened up:
I really love this one!
I am wrapping things up for the show now.  The last pottery load is in the kiln, which just shut off, so now I get to wait for it to cool.  Hopefully late tonight i can peek inside.
This afternoon I will finish the last few pillows and try and get everything in one place so the transport can start.  
If the sun ever comes out here I need to take pictures of my new jewelry pieces which I keep promising to show you.  Hopefully that will happen this afternoon.
back to work............... :)


Amy said...

OK, I adore this one!!! I just love it. Feel free to send it instead of my potholders LOL :)

sandyfeet said...

Fun, Fun, Fun !! Love it Kim. Where can we buy these?? I think I NEED one :)

Nancy said...

This really brings a smile! So cute.

Talin's Corner said...

Love it! Good luck with the show.

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Just looking at your art, whether it be fabric or paint, justmakes me smile! Thanks for sharing! Wish I lived close enough to buy some! Keep sharing please!

BahamaDawn said...

thanks so much everyone!
@sandyfeet - i will have these at Art for the Parks this coming weekend. I am sure i will see you there!

chelsea said...

Too cute! Like your piece of art!
Nice post....

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