Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Still Here....Somewhere

Been really busy since the last post, so just thought I'd drop a quick line to tell you what is going on.
I am getting ready for a show this weekend, and so I am running around finishing this and that.
I was supposed to take pictures today, since the sun came out, but got busy working and didn't feel like breaking that cycle.
Above is a peek at one thing I have been working on.  Got lots more to show you....just need to get those pictures taken!!!
When everything is done I will take some more pictures to post.
Back to work for now...........


Pretty Things said...

I like it!

sandyfeet said...

SHOW !! What show?

BahamaDawn said...

Pretty Things - Thanks! cant wait to post the rest.....got a rivetted on in there but not as cool as yours!!!
SandyFeet - right across from your shop!!! Friday and Saturday. BAIC Expo.


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