Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Earrings

Happy Easter everyone!!
A few weeks back I ordered some of Jangles new beads called the "Woodland Collection".
Ever since I got then I have been trying to figure out what to do with them.  They are sooooo amazingly cute that it has to be the perfect project.
So I was looking at the whole set today, trying to figure out what to do and the little lilac birds were just screaming "EASTER" to me, and I paired them with some white and yellow feathered glass beads I had made.
I have more ideas for the rest of the beads just need to wrap my head around the assembly part of it.
Go and check out the Jangles website and Jennifer's blog.  She is one amazing ceramic and jewelry artist.


Pretty Things said...

I love those!

As for the Bead Soup Blog Party rules -- don't worry, I'll post those when it starts -- it's really straight forward -- send beads, get beads, make something, post picture, oooh and aah at everyone else's!

BahamaDawn said...

i just had a few small questions, but i will send you an email and ask them....cant wait for it to start :)

JenniferJangles said...

I love the earrings, they are so cute! I am glazing some new colors of birds today and I can't wait to see them out of the kiln.

Especially love them on the leaf....
Thanks for using my beads!

BahamaDawn said...

Thanks Jennifer!
I cant wait to see the new colors. I was going to order more today, but will wait for the new colors :)


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