Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Owls Keep Appearing

Today I have been trying to get enough clay stuff together to fire up my kiln, and i was not getting very far since my kiln is pretty big.
So while I was waiting for that to dry I decided to make this journal cover for a friend.
The above picture shows the entire quilted piece, before i added the binding.

Here it is all finished, with a ribbon tie for a closure and another ribbon for a book marker.
I sure hope she likes it.

Can't forget to show you the back with the little pink baby bird.
In between making this journal cover, waiting for glazes to dry and getting frustrated because my kiln is too big........I ordered myself a smaller kiln.
A neat little one that plugs into a regular outlet....the one I have needs a dryer outlet.
The new one can do glass, ceramic, bead annealing and metal clay!!!
Should be here next week......I cannot wait.....but hopefully by then I will have fired up my big one and get to show you those pieces........I think there's probably a few owls in there!.....imagine that!!

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Jeannie said...

I love your journal!! I'll try not to drive you nuts commenting all over the place :)


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