Friday, January 6, 2012

Recycled Glass Jewelry

Happy Friday everyone!
Over the last few weeks I have been working on and off with making glass beads out of used bottles, that would have otherwise been trash.
The beads aren't perfect because I am not working with a rod, the glass isnt perfect, but I think the imperfections add to the uniqueness of the pieces.

Sometimes pieces break or crack, but I am pretty happy with the finished jewelry pieces that have been created as a result of this glass that could have been garbage.
I still have more photos to upload and edit, but wanted to show a couple of the most popular pieces.
Have great weekend!


carol said...

Brilliant! How did you get so smart? I would never have thought of using recycled glass! "Course, I don't do beads or make jewelry either. lol

SueBeads said...

I make beads out of recycled glass bottles too and I know what you mean about it being hard to use - but it's fun!

landi said...


carrie (believemagic) said...

So pretty! Love the idea of recycling the glass into jewelry.

Lisa said...

They are gorgeous! I'm certainly not a perfect gal and I think imperfections make everything so unique and certainly 'one of a kind'! Since I don't do glass bead making, I would love for you to post the process of this new recycling you're doing. Of course, when, or if, you ever have time! :) I know any work we do is time-consuming enough much less making a tutorial about it. Just a thought, though! Happy New Year!


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