Thursday, July 29, 2010

Look Who Arrived......

In my last post I shared with you the Quiltie Pal that I sent off to my secret partner.  On Tuesday I received Flossie the Flamingo!!!
She came from Susan, aka FlossieBlossoms.  Check out her blog here.
Susan also sent some awesome green batiks and a cute card.
Flossie the Flamingo has sat on the deck by the pool and eaten sea grapes.
And got to meet a few of my potcakes who were very excited to see her.
Flossie is a quilt, with the three layers, in the shape of a flamingo with legs.  Pretty amazing work!
I love her and she will hang in my sewing room unless she is out on an adventure with me.


Michele said...

how cute and crazy is that flamingo quilt? so much fun!

Amy said...

Too cute! It does look like its very nicely made. Have fun posing her for photos :)

Janet said...

I Love the flamingo!!


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