Friday, July 30, 2010

Just for Me

Life has been so crazy the last few weeks that this afternoon I just had to sit down and make something for ME!
Some of you probubly know that I have been teaching myself how to crochet the past year or so.  I keep seeing these cute coin purses online, but could never figure out how to make them.  Today I found a tutorial on this
Not sure what I will use it for, but I love little bags, so I will find some useful job for it.
First I crocheted a 6 inch circle, then made the lining and put the zipper in.
You can find the tutorial for the circle on the Attic24 blog.  That is the blog that really made me sit down and make myself learn how to crochet, because her stuff is so beautiful!


Erin Kenepp said...

This is the cutest crochet project I have seen in a while! I love to crochet and have tons of yarn hanging around, it's been a while since I've picked up my hooks but now I am inspired!

Pretty Things said...

That is so cute!

Kerri said...

you've only been crocheting for a year, self-taught- and you can make THIS?!! you're a fast learner and must have an innate talent for it!

The Garden Bell said...

See I knew I would find some new friends from my Circle of Friends blanket. What fun. So glad you added your blogsite. New follower here that's for sure.

The Garden Bell

Casey said...

I absolutely love the colors! you did a great job!

KayleighLowe said...

hey kim :D i love this purse and was wondering how much you would sell one for. i was looking for a nice little purse to put my cel and some money in when i go out and this is perfect. maybe with a little wrist strap on one end :)


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