Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something Finished

In one of my posts at the end of December I had a whole long list of unfinished projects that needed my attention.  This week I managed to get another one of those UFO's DONE!!
My very first crocheted pillow!!!!  All for me :)
I love the scalloped trim.
This is the back.......and this is what took sooooooooo long!!!  Rows and rows and rows of single crochet!!! What was I thinking?  I am glad I persevered and did it thought because it has a cool look.
The buttons for the closure was a bit of a challenge also, but it is DONE!!
I am now trying to decided which pattern I will use for my next pillow.
I also wanted to show you some new glass that I got in last week.
I'll soon be showing you some new beads and jewelry pieces from these yummy colors!
Today I broke down and ordered a bead annealer.  The kind you put the beads in as soon as you have made them.  Right now I am making them, then putting them in the kiln later on.  I also can't get PMC and enameling off my brain and I have the materials.....I just need to do it!
Hope you all have a very Happy Easter :)


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Cute cushion - nice colours too. Looking forward to seeing those beads!

GerryART said...

Wonderful colors for you crocheted pillow. Yep, all those sc rows did the trick.
p.s. Love those potholders you made from The Swap ?last year?

Janet said...

You are so talented Kimberly, you really are. You do it all! Some people make jewellery but you make and then form silver around glass, lampwork and do copper. Now that IS talent. ox

Janet said...

Your so talented woman! Your chrochets beautiful! I need to pick mine up and do some! oAnd I cant wait to see your new glass things!

Linda said...

I knew you were a creative crocheter but I didn't realize how broad your interests and talents are! I am leaving this one comment but I read all the way back to the beginning of the year and find your work so inspirational.

I've said I want to learn how to make glass beads some day... Hopefully I will.

Keep up the great work!


Kim said...

Love the pillow! Bravo to you for doing the back in sc, whic
I find boring, boring! Kim

Kim said...

Love the pillow! So your colours! Bravo to you for doing the back in SC...I hate SC! xxoo Kim

KimT said...

i really like the pillow!


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